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Celebrating the work of Gianni Pettena, Allan Kaprow and Robert Smithson, the exhibition pavilions explore a conversation between nature and architecture.  Inspired by the values expressed in the work of the three designers, this conversation engages ideas of natural beauty and its essential influence on how we make place.  Similar to Pettena's reference to the osmotic relationship between the nomad and their environment, the dialogue established by the three pavilions is intended to be an effortless, "non-conscious" assimilation of the work and ideas of Pettena, Kaprow and Smithson that "architecture has to respect nature."  

The site of the three pavilions, the LACE gallery, is a voice in this conversation.  Nature is seen, considered, valued as detail/material/form juxtaposition to our built condition of right angles, dimensional predictability, fabrication and material numbness.  The long white box of the gallery becomes an effective, familiar counterpoint for the more flowing, natural forms of the pavilions.  The three structures range in complexity from the simple ROCK that establishes a place in the front gallery; TREE makes place with two arcs of natural materials (rock, jute, twined grapevine, sand) that slide past each other, making a gathering space where monitors can be suspended from the ceiling and conversations can be held; CLOUD, the final most enclosed pavilion, uses digital fabrication methods (laser cut panels of paper board containing sky photographs with tabs that attach to each adjacent panel, a low stone seating element) to extend the discussion of how new tools of modeling and making can further provoke design's conversation with environment.

all images/work copyright © Andrea Swartz.  All rights reserved.

Beyond Environment Exhibition InstallationJune 2014 

design competition proposal:  OSMOSIS

accepted for exhibition in WUHU Gallery, September-October 2014